Growing in Faith at Christmas: Luke 1.57-80

Has God ever called a timeout in your life so that you could grow?

This week, in Luke 1.57-80, we consider the birth of John the Baptist, and think especially about his father, Zechariah. Remember, Zechariah had been taken aback a bit at the angel’s announcement of his wife’s pregnancy: How will this be?  (1.18). God responded by making Zechariah deaf and mute, so that he’d have time to ponder what God was doing.

Zechariah’s naming of his son “John” at the baby’s birth, and in obedience to God’s command, indicates that Zechariah has grown in faith during his time of silence. Then, Zechariah responds by speaking of what God will do through the boys, John and Jesus.

In the same way, many of us get time to ponder during the Christmas season. Much has happened since Zechariah praised God at John’s birth. Jesus has come in the flesh! He’s died for our sins, and we await His return. Still, Zechariah’s response, even as he was released from his time of silence, can be a pattern for us during these deep and rich days after Christmas.

Growth in faith for each of us this Christmas looks like recognizing our need for God and responding to the saving work of Jesus. 

Maybe, you’d like to do the following:

  1. Take some time this Christmas to consider your need. What areas of my life am I keeping from God? Where do I need to trust Him like never before? 
  2. Then, just read the Gospel of Luke. Get to know the Savior. Learn more about how God will accomplish His purposes through Jesus.

And, have a blessed and Merry Christmas! See you next week …

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