Attacked! Acts 16.16-40

This week we’re going to see what happens when God works and we respond: God’s people get attacked!

We’ll see it in Acts 16, and we’ll recognize the reality in our own lives. Paul and Silas have just seen the church of Jesus planted in Philippi, on the new continent that today is Europe. And, you know what, God’s enemy doesn’t like it. God’s enemy tried to distort the gospel and discredit the messengers.

But, you know what else? God protects His Word and leads His messengers through: When in the place of spiritual attack, know that God will lead you out!

Here’s a few questions to consider with others as we get ready to meet tomorrow at Woodland. See you here:

  1. Why is it helpful to think about the difference between natural evil and spiritual attack?
  2. What are some ways that the gospel gets confused in our response to evil? (:16-24)
  3. Where do your thoughts go in the “midnight hour” when you are under attack? (:25-26)
  4. What is your typical pattern of response to people who have hurt you when you are under attack? (:27-34)
  5. How can we promote the reputation of God’s people when we’ve sustained an attack? (:35-40)

2 thoughts on “Attacked! Acts 16.16-40”

  1. So my question pertains to Paul directly speaking to the spirit in the slave girl, verse 18. Do you see this as an example for us to rebuke evil spirits, as some do today? Or wise to engage in this way?

    1. Thanks for the question, Jan. It’s significant to my mind that Paul didn’t seek the girl out. He was headed to the place of prayer and going about his business of proclaiming the gospel. The girl confused the hearers, and he took action. She was not a follower of Jesus, and I don’t think this passage gives us much help in thinking through whether believers can be oppressed, and that sort of thing. Always glad to talk more …

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