Talking together about the Respect for Marriage Act

With an apology to those of you not immediately in the Woodland church family, I’m delivering on a promise today. This past Sunday I promised we’d circle up in MORE (that’s our second hour adult class) and talk about the recently signed-into-law bill known as the Respect for Marriage Act.

This redefinition of marriage will change the way churches and Christians operate in the public square—whether or not we are operating “in color of State”. We’ll talk in our class about what all that might mean.

But, first, here’s the handout I promised. It includes hyper-links to some articles I’ve been considering. (Some of them might require subscriptions, oops.)

In any event, thanks for following along and being part of our Northwoods missional living endeavor. Anywhere God leads us to serve is a good place to serve, and we appreciate you.

Here’s the handout I promised …Respect for Marriage Act