Walking in the Light: 1 John 1.5-2.2

In this over-busy Northwoods week, we continue our study in 1 John by looking at verses 1.5-2.2. Read through it, why don’t you? When you do you’ll note that walking in the light of who God is means thinking rightly about sin and acting on the work of Christ. 

God is light, not darkness (1.5). This verse is the anchor for the passage. It’s about who God is and what we have to be like, if we’re going to have a relationship with God.

Why do you think God is described this way?

What characteristic of light helps us understand something essential about God’s character? 

After introducing the broad themes of light and darkness, John gives us three denials that the false teachers in his churches were, doubtless, proliferating:

  • The denial that sin breaks our fellowship with God (1.6-7)
  • The denial that sin exists in our nature (1.8-9)
  • The denial that sin shows itself in our conduct (1.10-2.2)

With each of these deceptive teachings about sin, John talks about the work of Christ. Notice how the work of Jesus satisfies the requirement of our Holy God.

Which if these denials do you see most today?

How does reliance on Jesus by faith serve to correct the false ideas about sin that each denial includes? 

How would you put 1 John 2.2 into your own words? Why is this truth about Jesus so absolutely wonderful? 

When we depend on Christ and don’t take sin lightly, we can walk in the light like God is in the light. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Have a great week!

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