Keep Going! Acts 18.1-22

What is it that Jesus has asked you to do? You, specifically, I mean. Right, everything we have in Christ is ours when we join God’s people by faith. But God puts us in particular places with specific things He intends to do through us too. And then He helps us.

That’s what we learn in Acts 18.1-22 when we’re with Paul in Corinth. The heart of the passage is Jesus’ midnight visit when He tells Paul: Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with you … (:9-10a). And then, Jesus provides for Paul.

And Jesus provides for us, too. So … Keep on going in your place of service, because Jesus is with you!

Here’s a few questions to consider with others:

  1. Paul’s ministry began with a very specific mandate from Jesus (See Acts 9). What specific things have you been asked by Jesus to do?
  2. What tempts you to quit?
  3. Jesus’ promises in verses 9-11 are unique to Paul in his specific situation in Corinth. What promises has Jesus given to you as a member of God’s people?
  4. Recognizing Jesus’ different provisions for Paul found in this chapter, what provisions has Jesus given you to provide for the doing of His work through you?

Have a great week, and we’ll see you at Woodland!



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