Celebration of Life: Luke 12.1-23

In a fast-moving week just screaming toward Sunday, we’ll cut to the quick this week. Our passage is Luke 12.1-23. It’s Thursday of Passover for Jesus and His disciples. Death is everywhere as lambs are being slaughtered for the Passover celebration on that final Passover of Nissan 14. There’s betrayal in the mix too. Judas has offered to hand over Jesus. The Lord knows this. How will He handle Judas? How will Jesus respond to death and the faithless betrayal of Judas? 

Here’s some questions to talk through once you’ve read the passage:

  1. What do we gather about Judas’ motives? How do the religious leaders think their fears will be assuaged and their purposes accomplished?
  2. What do verses :7-13 show us about who is in charge of the situation? While Judas is plotting, and Jesus is preparing for death, who controls all these events?
  3. Jesus responds to death and betrayal by … serving His disciples … celebrating the Passover meal (for the last time) … and transforming this Passover meal into the observance that will become our Lord’s Table. What things does Jesus do that indicate this meal isn’t your typical Passover meal?
  4. How do we see Jesus bringing life from the death associated with the Passover meal (as well as the betrayal He’s experiencing)?
  5. What should WE do in response to this passage, especially the next time we go to the Lord’s Table?

We celebrate life in JESUS by remembering His sacrificial death and looking forward to His return. 

Now, have a great week in the Lord!

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