Jesus’ Authority … Proclaim it!

We’ve made it! In our weekly run up to Sunday, on a week that didn’t include our Sunday meeting, we’re preparing to meet again at Woodland!

Sunday, we’ll finally consider Luke 4.31-44, on the authority of Jesus. (Have a look at the blog post released two installments ago.) If you’re in a small group (and might have already looked at the passage), do consider the thought-provoking questions below.

The authority if Jesus is demonstrated in and proclaimed by those who belong to him. 

Here’s the questions:

  1. If you know Jesus in a saving way, where has God shown His power in your life?
  2. What strongholds has He broken down in Jesus’ name?
  3. Where does your heart, together with its habits, need a word from Jesus?
  4. If you don’t know Jesus in a saving way, could it be that today is your day to recognize Jesus’ authority in the Gospel and begin depending on Him?


See you Sunday, at Woodland …


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