Right Belief About Jesus: 1 John 2.15-27

In his first epistle old Apostle John is giving us tests for our assurance. These tests allow us to proof whether we belong to God.

These include the Test of Obedience (2.3): By this we know that we have come to know him, if we keep his commands. These include the Test of Love (2.10): Whoever loves his brother abides in the light … And, this week, these include the Test of Right Belief about Jesus (2.15-27). Additionally, John gives us “bridge” passages that help us think about what it looks like to apply these tests in our various settings. First John 2.15-17, involving our love for Father rather than the world, is such a bridge passage.

For the moment, though, read through 1 John 2.15-27 and think  through some of these questions, with others if possible.

What does John mean by “world” in verse 15? Is he talking about creation (like, creation is bad, so don’t love it); or, is he talking about aspects of the created order that oppose God? 

What is the main problem John gives with loving the world (verse 17)?

In verses 18-27, what does John mean by “last hour” (1 Pet 1.20; 1 Tim 4.1)? Who is he talking about in referencing “Antichrist,” and then “antichrists”? 

What are some of the qualities of the false teachers John references? What about true believers? 

What is the essence of the false teaching about Jesus? (Check out verses 22-23). 

What two safeguards against false teaching does John mention in verse 24 and then in verse 27? 

Assurance we belong to God grows when we believe rightly about Jesus. 

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  1. My dad made me memorize 1 John 2:15-17 when I was young and it’s often helped me regain the right perspective when my attention has shifted away from Jesus! “The world and it’s desires will pass away but the man who does the will of God lives forever!”

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